Book-Cover-600It’s never easy living up to your father’s expectations, but when your father is Satan, and he sees you as his ticket to world domination, it’s especially tough.

Austan Paumgarten wrestles with normal fifteen-year-old issues like grades, girls and winning sports matches, along with some abnormal ones like what to do when his father possesses his roommate. Initially, Austan withdraws, believing himself to be a curse on others but is drawn out by three new friends; Imani Baptiste, a girl with a harrowing past who sees running fast as her only hope of going to college; Gabe Michaels, Austan’s roommate, a socially awkward guy who desperately hopes to find friendship and fit in at St. Ignatius, a competitive all-boys boarding school, and Fr. Bonaventure, a kindly old priest with a chilling connection to Austan’s family.

When his father forces him to collect souls, Austan struggles with his demonic destiny as the devil’s son and his innate desire to help those he cares about.

VADE RETRO SATANA, is the first in the VRS young adult trilogy that explores the interplay between free will and fate and how good and bad are not qualities we are born with but choices we all must make. This is a thoughtful tale of real life teenagers struggling to find the good in themselves. 

Book Quotes:

Austan leaned in for a kiss, but pulled away as he caught sight of the holy medals hanging from a chain around her neck. “Forgot,” said Imani moving the medals so they fell down her back. “Better?” she asked.

“Much,” he said putting his lips to hers and doing his best to ignore what the medals pointed to. Their physical incompatibility. Her goodness instinctually trying to ward off his evil. If he was good like her, he’d push her away and never see her again, but he wasn’t. He was a monster who could no more push her away then he could stop himself from wanting to hold her closer.

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